Let’s do it…together.

It’s time. Its time for me to begin.  It’s time for me to begin to get involved.  It’s time for me to get involved helping get people connected.

It’s time to stop all the thinking, planning, and talking. It’s time to put my money where my mouth is.  It’s time to get the rich and the poor to know each other.

I hope to be working with some people from a conglomeration of churches known as Hope South Florida.  I hope that we can put together a Bible study in which a few homeless people and a few of the working class can grow in their faith.  I hope it can be a place in which the working and the jobless can grow in their faith together.  It’s not going to be a place in which the wealthy have everything to offer the poor, but it should be a time of mutually learning from and about the Lord as well as from each other.

There is a shirt that I have seen people wear that says, “I need Africa more than Africa needs me.”  I think that is true.  We need to learn from Africa as much if not more than they need to learn from us.  The Africans are not the poor lonely people that need us white people to come and save the day.  We need to go and sit at their feet and listen to them as we offer what help that we can.  The same is true of the homeless.  The rich need to learn the lessons that only the poor and homeless can offer them.  The working class needs to learn the part of the Gospel that the poor have to offer.  And yes the poor need to learn much from the rich as well.

I hope the Bible study can be a place of mutual growth and joy from both sides.  Pray that can be the case


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